Ayat kursi - Ayatul Kursi in English: 10 Benefits And 5 Hadith

Kursi ayat AYAT

Kursi ayat The Beauty

Kursi ayat Surah Al

Kursi ayat Ayat Al

Kursi ayat Ayatul Kursi

Ayat Kursi: Arab

Kursi ayat Ayat Kursi

Kursi ayat 'Penghulu Segala

Kursi ayat Ayatul Kursi:

Kursi ayat Ayatul Kursi

Kursi ayat Ayatul Kursi

Sedang Populer• Tidak ada seorangpun yang berani maju memberikan syafaat di sisiNya kecuali dengan izinNya.

  • Jin asked him if he wrestled with me and beat him.

  • Allah Almighty told Hazrat Musa A.

He urges humanity to be mindful of the time and to surrender to His will and dedicate ourselves to remembrance of Him.

  • There is no god but He - the Living, The Self-subsisting, Eternal.

  • After any fardh obligatory salah, if it prayed, then the only thing preventing you from entering paradise is death• Shows how the power of Allah is spread throughout the heavens and the earth• W ordered me to guard the Zakat revenue of Ramadan.

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